How to Become A Highly Paid Author 
Using The EXACT “Rapid Book Templates” Our Clients Are Using 
to Write Their Book, Become an Influencer & 
Attract High-Ticket Clients in 90 Days or Less

how anyone can use a template system to go 
from idea to publication fast EVEN IF 
My gift to you FREE ($497 Value!)
Influence Marketing Money Machine (IM³)
The Step-by-Step Online Solution For People Who Want to Become an Author and SuperSize Salesin 90 Days or Less.

Influence Marketing Money Machine (IM³)

Author Creator Master Class. A series of short easy to follow videos that walks you through the book project process. It includes mindset, niche creation, title & subtitle creation, ghostwriting, editing, cover creation, intellectual property, bar codes, copyright, interior book design, publishing, social media and more. Plus, you get a manuscript template that has been formatted for the Read Up Jot Down™book series. The template expedites the manuscript process. Get it done in 30 - 90 days, or faster.

SuperSize Your Sales: High Ticket Accelerator. A video series that includes strategies to selling multiple books, a system for building a masterclass, strategic strategies to close high ticket sales, and increase retention of current clients using practical tools, like autoresponders for ease and simplicity of client relations.

6 Months 1 on 1 Coaching. Coaching to complete your book project and increase your profits.

4 Move the Needle Accelerator Coaching Sessions. Connect with a certified coach. This is where you set the agenda to move the needle to quickly get results in areas of your business that you want to boost up and blast off. 

4 Months of Accountability. A Professional Accountability Partner. Your professional accountability partner will check in with you regularly to assist you on staying on schedule to complete your projects in this program.
Exclusive Access. Entrance to the Influence Money Marketing Machine resource center. 

($25,000 Value)
  •  BONUS #1: 12 Chapter “Manuscript Done-For-You” Template: This template is created for a typical chapter book. It reduces the fear of getting started. The manuscript template has the chapters, table of contents, dedication, acknowledgement pages, and more in a professional layout. The template is electronic, and easy to input content. ($2,997 Value) 
  • ​BONUS #2: Secret Author Black Book of Contacts: Name and contact information of content creators, book cover designers, editors, social media support, internet tools, business professionals, and more. It adds a level of trust to hiring support personnel. ($Priceless Value)
  • ​BONUS #3: My “Automatic Book Sales” Funnel (Clickfunnels template): Book Selling online done for you marketing tool. This makes introducing your book to the world quick and simple. ($997 Value)
  • ​BONUS #4: “Accelerate Through Adversity” Checklist: Changing your mindset, increasing memory skills, formulating good business habits are essential in business development to move the needle in getting projects done. This checklist hones skills. ($997 Value)​
  • ​BONUS #5: Strategic Storytelling Templates: How to tell your story strategically to add value to your product or service. Great for helping to tell their story in the book, on a sales page or an about you page. Choosing the right story with the right emotions boost sales. ($297 Value)
  • ​BONUS #6: Reclaim Your Time Audiobook: Staying focused is necessary to get through a task and to break through barriers. Putting to use tried and true techniques assist in staying on track with our goals. ($147 Value)​ 
  • ​BONUS #7: Coaching Conversations Book; Proven Techniques to Break Personal and Business Barriers: My book has coaching techniques and tools. Useful for how to get the best out of their coaching sessions, understand how coaching is used to alter your actions and transform your thinking, and it offers thought provoking questions to assist you on your result base journey.           ($20 Value)​

 "I had a dream to write my first book."

"I am the international bestselling author. When I first met coach Tina, I had a dream to write my first book. Coach Tina pushed me to give birth."
  --C. Khalil, Khalil Experience

"Coach Tina really does have tried and true techniques."

"Coach Tina really does have tried and true techniques, she really does. I am so incredibly grateful for coach Tina. For me, myself, I can say first hand that she is an all in coach.
--A. Willis, Igniting Fire Coaching 

 "I would say you definitely 
need to take this class."

"I would say that my income,  has increased with,  coach Tina's master class methods, because I got more clients as a result of the class. About Coach Tina's, Influence Marketing,  Money,  Machine,  I would say you definitely need to take this class..."
--D. Vanderpool, Entrepreneur

"She's helped to build up my confidence." 

"You can't go wrong with Coach Tina.  She's helped to build up my confidence. She's helped me to see who I am and what I have to offer.  I was playing on a small field, coach was saying, no, you got to go big or go home."
--C. Wilson, Comedian
IM³ 1: • Author Creator Master Class
  • How to Write Book in 30-90 Days or Less
  • Read Up Jot Down™Manuscript Template
  • Short Easy To Follow Product Creation Videos
  •  Black Book of Editors, Cover Designers, Formatters
  • ​Fast Writing Secret Formulas
IM³ 2: SuperSize Sales Blueprint
  • High Ticket Sales Accelerator
  • Multiple Book Selling Strategies
  •  ​Masterclass Builder
  • Leveraging Your Uniqueness & Teach
  • ​How to Pick Profitable Products
IM³ 3: One on One Coaching
  • Brainstorm Book Project
  • Accelerate Results With Manuscript Writing Secrets
  •  Business Blast Off Techniques
  •  Profit Strategy 101
  •  Customer Service & Customer Retention
IM³ 4: Move The Needle Accelerator Coaching
  • ​Four 1-on1 Business Boost Coaching Sessions with A Certified Coach
  • Leveraging Your Strengths
  •  Confidence Maximizer
  •  Destroy Limiting Beliefs
  •  Embrace Your Value
IM³ 5: Professional Accountability Partner
  • Four Months of Partnership
  • Communication Access Via Text, Phone, or Email
  • Timeline Execution Support
  •  Motivation in Minutes
IM³ 6: Exclusive Access
  •  Work From Anywhere
  •  Exclusive Resource Center
  •  Password Secure Protection
BONUS: 12 Chapter “Manuscript Done-For-You” Template
  • Template to Reduce Fear & Promote Progress
  •  Formatted Interior Book Design
  •  Professional Book Editor Discount
  •  Secrets to Self Publishing
BONUS: Secret Author Black Book of Contacts 
  •  Names & Contacts for Cover Designers
  •  Names & Contacts for Editors and More
  •  Best Internet Tools Identified
BONUS: My “Automatic Book Sales” Funnel (Clickfunnels template)
  •  Proven Book Sales Funnel
  •   Funnel Scripts that Get Results
  • Snoozing Sales Formula
BONUS: Accelerate Through Adversity” Blueprint
  •  10 Step Accelerator Blueprint
  •   "Why" Clarifier
  •  Memory Maximizer
BONUS: Strategic Storytelling Template
  • Story Telling Strategy Webinar
  • Storytelling Worksheet
  •  Inside Strategic Storytelling Connection
BONUS: Reclaim Your Time Audiobook 
  • 10 Self Pace Reclaim Your Time Audios
  • 7  Time Management Tip Booklet
  • 10 Reclaim Your Time Videos
BONUS: Coaching Conversations Book; Proven Techniques to Break
Through Personal and Business Barriers

  • ​Proven Coaching Techniques
  • Self Coaching Formula
  • Quick Meditation

 "I just think you get more than just someone that can offer you a class. I think you get someone that genuinely cares." 

"I would recommend the Influence Marketing Money Machine course that Coach Tina offers. I just think you get more than just someone that can offer you a class. I think you get someone that genuinely cares. She's a trusted advisor."
--V. Person, Author

"This is my book. It's a journal."

"Tina, Frizzell-Jenkins has helped me. This is my book. It's a journal, Something On The Inside, and from one idea, I've gone to creating puzzles, to gift wrapping papers... So, you can do what you put your mind to doing. "
--A. Conley, Alegna Enterprises

"...the experiences. Phenomenal."

"I found out about coach Tina's masterclass by various entrepreneurs.  You just don't know the experiences, phenomenal.  Coach Tina brought so many different aspects of different entrepreneurs alive that we were able to learn from each other."
--C. Underwood, Entrepreneur

"She was there to pull things out 
of us that we didn't really 
know that we had in us."

"Coach Tina made it very easy as far as, even getting online with the zoom, with the homework assignments. She was there to pull things out of us that we didn't really know that we had in us."
--V. Shroud, Sew On & Sew Forth 
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